About Us

We started in 2011 doing craft shows in the local area malls. We used this as a test to see how people would react to our products.

As it turned out people were very receptive and we moved into a cart in the Har Mar Mall in September of 2013. The cart was nice but we had bigger plans and moved in to a full fledged store in May of 2014.

We have a number of people each day look into our shop and ask “what is this place?”, which we respond with “we’re all about scent.”

But what does that actually mean?
Basically it means that we sell anything that’s scented but try to stay away from the “norm” of what you will find in other shops that carry similar products. You won’t find Irish Spring soap, but you will find Buttered Popcorn, Frankincense & Myrrh, and maybe even Pink Urinal Cake scented items.

There are occasions where we will manufacture items with popular scents, typically colognes/perfumes or home scents, that were never manufactured in anything other than their original forms.
An example is Windsong or Lovespell soaps.

Why do we do it?
We love all types of scents and a lot of what we like is only available in one form, or has been discontinued, or isn’t available at all. It also allows us to be creative and push the envelope as to what can be done with the scent carriers we use whether it be soap, wax, oils, or lotions. With access to over 4,000 scents and partnering with a fragrance duplication service we can match almost any scent a customer may request.

Along with our stock scented products we can custom scent most of our branded products while you wait. Soaps and wax products are ready the next day and special order scents take 10-14 days to complete.

If you’d like more information about our custom scenting please stop by or use our contact form.

Note: All of our products are tested by our ‘test monkeys’ (that means us and family; no actual animals are used for testing), if you’d like to become one of our ‘test monkeys’ please contact us for details.